Condiciones generales para inscripciones a los cursos

Section 1. Terms and Conditions.-


  1. EMS TRAINER Courses are organized by EMSTRAINER INSTITUTE WORLDWIDE, registered in street Montseny nº 24, Castelldefels, Barcelona 08860 (hereinaffer reffered to as organizer).
  2. The course are managered through its EMS TRAINERS STAFF, which aims to provide the participant (hereinafterd referred as student) with updated training integrated electro suite developed by XBody, and other areas related to this knowledge. Enrolment in any of our courses by the student the acceptance of the following conditions.


Section 2. About the exception of liability.-


  1. As regards the costumers/clients the use of this knowlegde and its practical application made by each student its only responsibility of the student. 
  2. EMS TRAINER Courses combines a combinaton of classroom and practical sessions where they acquires knowlegde is applied. These practics are exercises sessions that may be of high intensity. 
  3. The student is aware of fatigue or risk of injury involved in any physical activity of sport. To be agree in a good heath and fitness level and voluntarily accept to participate in these activities.  
  4. The student may be refuse to participate in any of the practise sessions or in any of the exercises carried out in the course at any time.
  5. In any case the organizer will be responsability for any injury occuring during the courses, being the sole responsability of the student.
  6. The organizer shall take all possible and foreseable measures to ensure the safety and physical integrity of all students participating in courses.


Section 3. About the learning materials provided.-


  1. The educational materials provided by the organiser for the student is copyrighted and may no copied, reproduced, published or distributed without prior written permission from the organizer.


Section 4. About registration and payment.-


  1. To mantein the quality EMS TRAINER Courses are limited. 
  2. The Organizer shall ensure to formalise the registration and ensure the space. On the other hand, the student must complete and submit the corresponding questionnaire (from this website) and arrange the payment of the total amount of the course  by credit card or paypal (from the same web). The student also has the option to pay bank  transfer  (of the account number specified on the web).
  3. In the latter cases, the student must provide his/her full name and code of the course he/she wants to enrol; and the time of payment.
  4. A complete registration is considered only after making the payment, and the place is reserved for the request course. The organizer will send to the student a confirmation email after the enrolment.
  5. The student may request an invoice for the course by email at the following address:, or by checking the appropiated box on the format at the time of registration. 


Section 5. About can and changes.-


  1. For force majeure reasons and when is not possibility to solve them, the organizer may cancel the course and propose an alternative sate in the same area. The student my choose for a refund of the amount paid for the course or to maintain the enrollment for the next call. The organizer is not liable por the costs incurred to the student by the cancellations of the course and the chaged data. 
  2. If the student can not finally attend a course where he/she has registred, he/she can request the use of registration fee to another future course.
  3. An exception to the previous point is the disenrollment for injury of health reasons. In this case, the student must attach a copy of the report or medical proof to quality fpor the full refund of the amount of the registration or use of that amount for enrollment in subsequent courses.
  4. If the student does not attend to the training in which he/she is enrolled without notice, will not entitled to any refound and cannot complete the course in a subsequent call (unless they pay the relevant registration).


Section 6. About data protection and handling personal data.-


  1. The student authorizes EMS TRAINER Institute for the processing for the personal data supplied voluntarily through this registration in order to create the certificates of attendance. Likewise, they will became part of the EMS TRAINER Institute database in order to keep you informed about news, releases, upcoming courses, promotions, etc.
  2. All data is treated confidentially, and it not accessible to third paties for different purposes of which they have been authorized. These personal details will  not be transferred or sold to third parties, companies or entities.
  3. EMS TRAINER Institute will take all measures at its disposal to protect the confidenciality and integrity of information on those who provide us your data in acordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection Personal Data.
  4. The student may unsubscribe or change their details whenever they want, through the corresponding link in every email, sending an email to or by writing to EMS TRAINER Institute, Montseny Street, nº 24, Castelldefels - Barcelona 08860.
  5. During the completion of the courses, the organizer may take photos or videotape part or the total time of the classes or demostrations. This audiovisual material can be used for an educational purpose (analysis of the sessions to improve in subsequent years) and as a promotional purpose, through diefferent channles including the website, the social networking, youtube, newsletter, etc.
  6. The student accepts the recording, capture and use of those images. In the case of not waning to use their image must be communicated by email to