Andreu Vilar Ardanuy

Management specialist in fitness companies and franchises. Diplomat in Business and MBA, Masters in marketing, he also has directed several multinationals, incluiding five specific entities in the Fitness sector and the Wellness Institute. 


General Manager - CEO RAPIDFITWELL global franchise and developer of treatments antiaging "YOIM"  and FMT Fisio Metabolic Training" as well as exclusive distribuitor of XBody into spanish and portuguese countries.


Andreu directs EMSTRAINER Institute worldwide.




Balazs Fuzessy

International presenter with multiple appearances in the most prestigious fitness conventions worldwide (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, China, Korea...) during the last ten years. His charisma, his own style and energy in the scenario have been an unmistakable becoming a regular person at fitness conventions and workshops.


He is a known as the creator of the DYSKILLS Functional Training Method focused by to body reshapingwith it as the only school.


Balazs is the EMS MASTER Trainer Coordinated and supervised the development on fitness and personal training content into the EMSTRAINER Institute programs.  

MASTER Personal Trainer

EMS MASTER manager coordinator


Gregorio Olmo


Physical Activity teacher and Master trainer of personal trainers, he is linked for several years to prestigious brands in the world of fitness. Bussinessman of fitness and personal training, also is Master Instructor of Mad Dogg Athletics, inc. USA since 2004 en Europe.


EMS MASTER Trainer and General Coordinator of the EMSTRAINER Team worldwide, co-developer and supervisor of the training plan and protocols focused on fitness and personal training to certify XBODY EMSTRAINER internationally.  





Dr. Jorge Planas Ribó

Plastic surgeon and Medical Director of Clínica Planas in Barcelona and Planas Day Madrid. Associate Surgeon AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation).


Professor of different postgraduate courses in Plastic Surgery in the departament of Surgery at the Autonomus University of Barcelona since 1992.


Dr. Planas is responsible of the protocols of RAPIDFITWELL EMS into the physio-metabolic Training field to provide solutions to problems and metabolic disorders such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cellulite, etc.


To learn more about Dr. Planas:



Manager & Coordinator University CEU Barcelona


Antonio Narbona


General Director of BLANCAFORT Training Group in Barcelona, (Associated Centre with The University of Barcelona CEU Abat Oliva). He is coordinating the rehabilitation protocols and recovery technology of EMS Physio Metabolic Training of RAPIDFITWELL.  


Antonio coordinates the Diploma, Postgraduate Course and Master´s Degree in Fhysio-aesthetic of CEU University of Barcelona in accordance with EMSTRAINER Institute.

AMBASSADOR EMSTRAINER Institute Internacional & Elite Sport Athlete


Enric Masip Borrás

Considered by many sport critics, the best Spanish handball player of all time. He is an olimpic athlete, he was undisputed center of from the Spanish National Team and for 14 seasons he was one of the pillars of F.C. Barcelona winning all titles on the European and Spanish handball league, in the 90´s.



Enric is one of the Ambassador of XBODY EMSTRAINER Institute  and contributes to the development of EMS Physio-Metabolic Training in elite athletes and high performance programs.