What is the EMS TRAINER Course?

 EMSTRAINER Certificated it's an education system, based in five levels:


 1) BASIC (8 h.)

 2) ADVANCE (14 h.)

 3) MEDICAL (8 h.)

 4) Aesthetic & Beauty (8 h.)

 5) High Performance Sports (8h.) 


EMSTRAINER Certificated has the will to teach the fundamental aspects and the management of EMS technology to solve many physical problems and improve health, beauty and sports performance related with the stimulation of metabolism, improvement, empowerment of muscle strength and toning throught EMS technologic.


The courses are taught by EMS MASTER Trainers who have lots experience in sports and rehab. Our team works pro-actively into the field of fitness & wellness in sports and rehabilitation medical centers.

We also cooperate with a medical institution which help us with the medical studies.
The course targets people with prior knowledge in sports or physical activity. Althougt previous studies or experience are not requerided a basic knowledge on anatomy and biomecanics will be very heplfull to get the maximum. 



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